Comprehensive Management Training on team building and communications


Fixed Operations Analysis

Gary Simmons and the MCS staff evaluate labor inventory performance. The initial evaluation evaluates inventory performance for a minimum of one to two years prior to MCS’s arrival at the dealership. Inventory turn, shop loading procedures, appropriate staffing levels, appointment systems, BDC systems and gross profit retention measurements are evaluated to determine the true potential and profit level the service and parts department should retain. All administrative management tools are evaluated relating to the efficiency they provide for the dealerships bottom line. All components of the selling systems, production system and the management information system are reviewed by the MCS staff.


Comprehensive Training

MCS provides class room and onsite training at the dealership to educate and enhance the performance of all productive and nonproductive people in the department. MCS excels at onsite training of service advisors in improving their dollars sold per repair order, effective labor rate performance and improved CSI scores. MCS conducts service manager, parts manager and service advisor training webinars on a monthly basis.


Maximize with service driver

The industry-leading virtual sales presentation that increases service department sales and revenue, MCS Service Driver™ helps dealerships maximize every service drive sale. A customized web-based menu selling system, Service Driver™ presents manufacturer recommended services based on vehicle model, year, and current mileage, along with pricing based on a dealership’s labor charges and parts pricing. The system not only ensures that customers have complete and correct information, it helps dealerships comply with government regulations by presenting the same information to every customer every time. In addition, Service Driver™ includes audio and video clips of repairs being performed, which customers can view before scheduling a service.

Welcome to Gary Simmons - Management Service Consulting

Our comprehensive management training focuses on team building and communications. We assist dealers in developing and implementing seamless and efficient operating procedures, as well as define systems that fit the individual character of the store, to ensure excellent long-term results.

The fundamental way to improve service department profit is to treat every customer repair order as an opportunity, and maximize every sale.

The key is to understand fully, the potential that exists in 4 areas.

  1. Captive Sale: The meet and greet communication with the customer begins here.The captive sale is the primary concern that brings the customer to the dealership. It can be repair work or maintenance work. The customer arrived with a specific request.
  2. The Walk Around: The customer’s vehicle is inspected with the customer present. The visual condition of the customer’s car is inspected in this transaction. Inquiries to recent service department visits and repairs are made in this transaction. Tire wear, fluid leaks, cosmetic repairs and additional items can be pointed out to the customer during this transaction.
  3. Multipoint Vehicle Inspection: The customer is advised we provide all customers with a complimentary multi point maintenance inspection. The Service Advisor asks the customer permission to call him through the day if there are items that require their immediate attention.
  4. Manufacturers Mileage Interval Maintenance Services: All customers are advised of the manufacturers maintenance due at the miles indicated on the odometer. A visual presentation from Service DriverTM software is presented to the customer for their review. A copy of the manufacturer’s mileage interval service is printed and handed to the customer at the time they sign their repair order authorizing the dealership to work on the car.



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