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Gary Simmons MCS Testimonials & Reviews

What ServiceDriver™ Clients Say

Learn from our current and previous customers on what they think of our services and software solution.

I have utilized Gary’s professional services for over 20 years. Gary has been personally responsible for producing millions of dollars of additional gross profit in my organization over the years. There is nobody better, I highly recommend Gary and his professional staff.

M.J. Vaughn former owner/ operator of 11 Southern California dealerships, currently CEO of a nationwide acquisition and merger company.

M.J. Vaughn Laguna Niguel


Gary has been my service department consultant for fifteen years. He has assisted me in maximizing the true income potential in all my service departments. Gary brings his knowledge of the entire dealership operation to his entire approach. I am consistently a top performer in all my fixed ops industry composites, thanks to Gary, There is nobody better in the industry than Gary.

Michael O’Brien is the Dealer Principal of the O’Brien Auto Group , Seattle , Washington Honda of Marysville Washington, Lexus of Bellevue Washington, Toyota of Kirkland Washington, VW of Kirkland Washington, Toyota of Renton Washington, Acura of Seattle Washington, Lexus of Tacoma Washington, Volvo of Tacoma Washington and Jaguar Range Rover of Tacoma Washington

Michael O’Brien

Truly the best in the industry. We have worked with Gary for over 20 years in our dealership. A true professional that will maximize customer retention and bottom line net profits. Nobody better !

A.J. Patterson - Dealer operator/ General manager

San Francisco Honda, San Francisco, California
Gary has assisted me for 20 years in maximizing the true income potential in my service departments. I am consistently a top performer in all my fixed ops industry composites, thanks to Gary, nobody better in the industry than Gary.

Robert Kelly

New York City, Country
I have used Gary in our organization for 10 years. His approach to evaluating and managing fixed ops is brilliant. I have learned more about fixed ops from Gary than everybody else combined in 35 years. Gary changes people’s lives and perspectives in managing in our industry. Gary has a unique blend of analyzing and implementing processes, systems that fit the dealership. Gary’s approach to training and communicating with our managers and employees is of the highest level of professionalism.

Don Mushin - Dealer operator / General manager

Toyota of Hollywood, Hollywood , California
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Marry Devolis

Minda Director